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released December 1, 2011



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SIDE FX Indianapolis, Indiana

Dave- Vocals
Scott- Guitar
Dereck- Bass
Adrian- Drums

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Track Name: Hidden Hand
nation of vassals - total control
the world we see is theirs alone
i wont be a casualty - remove your hidden hand from me
back away back away back away from me
back away back away or soon enough you'll see
you dont have the right
you dont got no rights
to anything you claim
and you say, were the ones to blame?
back away back away back away from me
back away back away soon enough you'll see
all the things that you've said come back through
like bullet through head
Track Name: Sensory Deprivation
i would trade higher thinking for satisfaction of just living
de-evolute - deaf, dumb, and mute
unsensing beast, i'd rather unlearn
primitive tool - means to an end
here i am , yet nothing stands
all covered in blood and snot
the world appears to be something it's not
circumnavigate with a razorblade until you see that shade
of red - run down my face
Track Name: SIDE FX
poison control
creeping near - paranoia
i can feel it setting in
no need to be present
i can feel it return
do you feel it return?
its a chemical induction
this fate i deserve
poison control
i'm in control
Track Name: Run With The Pack
talk shit on me cause i'm thinking
and acting out differently
"out of step" with fucking what?
you fall in line far too much
do you think that i care what you hate about me?
do you think that i care what you do or say?
run with the pack , fall in line
i dont care what you think of me
run with the pack, you're one of the rest
run with the pack , don't turn your back